PLS Professional Language Services BV

Translators for banks, insurers and the legal profession

For more than 25 years our company has worked closely with actuaries employed by small and large insurers and consultancy firms, which operate both nationally and internationally.

We translate offers drawn up by actuarial firms for their clients, which are generally companies based in the Netherlands or which are in the process of setting up subsidiaries in the Netherlands, insurers and pension funds. We assist actuaries involved in assisting international companies which are keen to harmonise their pension schemes following acquisitions. We also translate comparative evaluations of offers of pension insurance made by insurers to companies and pension funds, correspondence in a variety of areas, ALM studies, pension regulations, administration agreements and the like. The documents that we translate cover the full range of documents drawn up actuaries for their (internal) clients and other business partners.

In addition, we are particularly pleased to have been able to support professional organisations representing actuaries over many years and to have been able to contribute to the activities of the actuarial profession.

As translators, we were closely involved in the translation of the Financial Assessment Framework (FTK) and other regulatory developments affecting the pensions and insurance industry. We have also experienced at first hand how actuaries, as a profession, have become involved in an increasingly broad range of HR issues from flexible employee benefit systems to absenteeism, while, on the other hand, the demand for their expertise in relation financial risk management has also increased.

In the present climate of volatile financial markets and increasing demands with regard to the assessment of the solvency of pension funds, the demands on actuaries will only increase. We see it is our task to remain abreast of developments, both in the Netherlands and abroad, to ensure that we have the terminology and insight necessary to provide our clients with more than adequate support.

Our main aim is to ensure that our translations do justice to the expertise of the actuaries for whom we work.


The following is an example of our work:

Royal Dutch Actuarial Association's Projection Table 2014