PLS Professional Language Services BV

Translators for banks, insurers and the legal profession

Ever since the beginning of the 1990s, our translation agency has translated for banks, stockbrokers, venture capital companies and other market players in the financial sector. We have experienced the process of increasing internationalisation and globalisation of the banking sector from close quarters. At a time in which securitisation in the Netherlands was still in its infancy, we provided translations for banks with international operations to support their activities in this area. For instance, the prospectus for the first medium-term note issued in the Netherlands was translated by us into English.

We translate general terms and conditions, contracts, offers, sector analyses, share commentaries, reports on mergers and acquisitions, and other financial and legal texts for banks. We also translate correspondence with English-speaking (business) partners and marketing materials used in marketing campaigns. We attach considerable importance to providing services in support of our clients' entire value chain with an understanding of our clients' strategy and business.

The unique aspect of our modus operandi is the close cooperation between key players at the bank and our translation agency around the implementation of projects. We ensure that the specialists at the bank can rely on the translation services of a fixed, professional translator, who has knowledge of banking and a good mastery of banking and financial terminology.

We are more than aware of the necessity for banks to differentiate themselves  on the market and when translating their texts we always strive to ensure that their strategy is expressed clearly and consistently in the translated text.