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Cookie Policy of PLS Professional Language Services BV ("PLS BV")


PLS BV's website uses 'functional cookies' to ensure that the website operates correctly. When you visit our website using your web browser you send a series of commands to our server every time you click on a link, select a menu option or refresh a screen. Between activities there is no contact between you and our website. Your visit to our website therefore involves lots of short visits and instructions to our website to provide you with data. As many visitors may be sending such requests for data at any one time, it is important for the server to know who is sending the request and what part of the website they are looking at on their screen. The web server also needs to know what language the visitor is using so that data in the right language can be sent. Furthermore, if you are a registered user and have logged in, you have more rights to access some data than users who have not logged in. For this reason, the website also needs to know that you are logged in, which user you are and what data you are entitled to see. For this reason, your browser stores a little file on your computer which it sends every time you click on a link or menu item and send a command to our server. This little file is referred to as a 'cookie' or in this case a 'functional' or 'session' cookie. This file is deleted when you close your web browser, except if you ticked the 'remember me' box when you logged in. In this case, the cookie will not be deleted.

We do not make use of cookies to monitor and analyse your behaviour on our website or to track your behaviour on the internet.