PLS Professional Language Services BV

Translators for banks, insurers and the legal profession

You may experience difficulty sending files to us by e-mail. Alternatively we may have difficulty sending files to you. There could any number of reasons for this. The file may be too large to send by e-mail or a mail server may be temporarily out of operation.

In such cases, we can offer you the use of an FTP account so that you can upload files to us for translation and/or so that you can download translated documents without having to rely on the e-mail system.

The following are brief instructions on how to access your FTP account.

We will provide you with the username and password of your FTP account. Let us assume that your user name is "ftpuser" and your password is "password".


Uploading files

If you are using Windows, the easiest way to access your FTP account is as follows:

1) Open Windows Explorer (start>computer).

2) Click on "Computer" with your right-hand mouse button.

3) Select "Add a network location" to start the Add Network Location Wizard. Click "Next".

4) Select "Choose a custom network location" and click "Next".

5) In the "Internet or network address" field which appears in the dialogue box (see below) enter "". Click "Next".


6) Deselect "Log on anonymously" and enter the user name we sent you. Click "Next".

7) On the next screen (see below) enter a friendly, easily recognisable name for this network location (e.g. "Professional Language Services FTP service"). Click "Next".


8) On the next screen click "Finish" to open the FTP site. Do not forget to read points 9 and 10 below!


9) If you wish to return to this site at a later stage, you will find the site listed under "Computer" along with your other disk drives.

10) Please bear in mind that we are not notified automatically when you upload documents. It is important that you inform us of this (through the website,  by e-mail or by telephone).